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My name is Johanna Lunzmann, and I am a recent graduate of Mount Royal University's  Bachelor of Communications, majoring in Information Design.   I am excited about the role design plays in everyday life and how it can tell us unexpected stories. My passion lies in problem-solving, data design, web design, and brand identity. Specifically, how the four can come together to create unique experiences. I would like to hone my skills in animation and virtual reality. 

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Design is all about problem-solving, a code in which designers unlock,  transform and create meaningful information.   Information Design means taking the intricate, unsystematic, unusable data and moulding it into meaningful and effective information.    Problem-solving is a tool used by  Information Designers to transfer knowledge and add value to design.   Information Design has opened up my world to endless creative possibilities, in which  I  continue to expand my skill set. 

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