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canadian bison association 

meat chart

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brochure design

A brochure created for the Canadian Bison Association. The brochure was later transformed into a large poster. The integration of colour codding indicates to the audience where the cut is located on the animal as well as the cut's tenderness. Sharp tables guide the reader through the different grades given to the meat.

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precision drilling

the drilling process


A graphic created to help employees better understand the drilling process. Text and custom created icons help guide the reader through the drilling process. This project consisted of me researching, interviewing and condensing information to create understandable information.  


Project Propsal - This project was an intern project where I had to pitch ideas to my manager that would benefit the company.

Ideation - After research was conducted and information was condensed into 13 steps I started to explore different ways to display the process by sketching and brainstorming.


Iteration -  After the strongest visual was selected I took to the computer using illustrator to construct it. Along the way different version were made.

Final Graphic - A final of the graphic was sent out for review and feedback was incorporated.

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movie poster

wonka's inferno

poster design

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A movie poster created to tell an interesting twist on an old motion picture classic. Four sets of data help guide the reader through the interesting parallelism of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to Dante's Inferno. As the poster is read from top to bottom the data sets help explain the slow descent of sin that each character experiences throughout the film. 

Wonka's Inferno copy 2-01.png
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