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Material Data Visualization - The Body Project

Material Data Visualization created to discover the correlations between human emotions and electronic devices. The data was collected through colour-coded forms, corresponding to different emotions, that could be filled out by participants and placed into a clear plastic body. The data was then later collected and transferred to a website and integrated into augmented reality. This project included several phases: research, ideation, development, execution, and augmented reality. 

Research - Discovery of precedents and correct information that would be displayed. 

Ideation - Exploration of possible ways in which we could effectively collect data from individuals on a physical level. Different types of brainstorming were used to achieve a solid idea

Development - The data collector was hand-built form tape, wood, vinyl and paper forms.

Execution - The display was left up for two weeks for students to interact with. Choosing the emotion they felt and filling out a short survey, then placing it inside the body.

Augmented Reality - After two weeks the data was collected from inside the body, sorted and synthesized. A website was created along with accompanying augmented reality elements. Students, in real-time, could point their phones at the body and see an overlay of the data that was previously collected.  

Design - Austin Coll, Kathryn Hoffart, Natasha          Konwitschny, Johanna Lunzmann

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