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humanly web design

web assests

Several animated assets were created to complete the  2019 MRU Humanly Capstone website. These components were created with the coming together of the students in mind. As the letters come together, symbolizing the capstone event in its entirety. Humanly is all about people coming together; students problem solving some of the United Nation's 17 Sustainable Goals. The website (found here )    houses the students'    work.  As well as animated icons and bouncing, turning and spinning components were created to add life to the 17 sustainable goals. 


precision drilling

career progression chart

motion graphics

A Career Progression Chart, created to help current and potential employees understand their possible career paths. The process of creating this chart started with independent research, then review of the content with a subject matter expert. The information I obtained was then transformed into a visual. From there the visual's components were animated out to physically guide employees through different positions within the company. 

partake brewing

love corn socials

motion graphics


In collaboration with love corn snacks, a giveaway was held during the Superbowl. My task was to create a quick but eye-catching animation that would grab individuals' attention. The solution, a simple wiggle animation to showcase the two company's products. 

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