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human centered design

A project with a focus on the third goal of the United Nations 17 sustainable goals. Applied locally, to Calgary, the third goal, health and well being was honed in, specifically to the barries affecting physical activities of young adults. A "how might we question," guided the project. How might we make physical activity accessible to young adults in Calgary?

Design - Natasha Konwitschny and Johanna Lunzmann


data visualization

the body project

material data visualization

Material Data Visualization created to discover the correlations between human emotions and electronic devices. The data was collected through colour-coded forms, corresponding to different emotions, that could be filled out by participants and placed into a clear plastic body. The data was then later collected and transferred to a website and integrated into augmented reality.  The website can be found here. This project included several phases: research, ideation, development, execution, and augmented reality. 

Research - Discovery of precedents and correct information that would be displayed. 

Ideation - Exploration of possible ways in which we could effectively collect data from individuals on a physical level. Different types of brainstorming were used to achieve a solid idea

Development - The data collector was hand-built form tape, wood, vinyl and paper forms.

Execution - The display was left up for two weeks for students to interact with. Choosing the emotion they felt and filling out a short survey, then placing it inside the body.

Augmented Reality - After two weeks the data was collected from inside the body, sorted and synthesized. A website was created along with accompanying augmented reality elements. Students, in real-time, could point their phones at the body and see an overlay of the data that was previously collected.  

Design - Austin Coll, Kathryn Hoffart, Natasha  Konwitschny, Johanna Lunzmann


kerby center

discovering the importance of physical activity in seniors


Research was conducted on the impact that physical activity has on the overall health of seniors in Canada.  The research was then transformed into readable and understandable data. The infographic identifies the benefits, the timeline of effects on seniors from participating in physical activity and what senior gyms are. As well as the different types and benefits of strength training and aquatic exercises, both low-risk exercises for seniors.  This infographic was presented at the Kerby center. 

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