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mk livestock

logo design

Inspiration was drawn from nature for this logo. The arm of the 'K" is replaced with a cow horn. This indicates the association of the companies manufacturing of livestock equipment. A simple yet subtle    way of indicating to the audience that the product presented is related to livestock.


mount royal

climbing society

climbing society

branding assests

A simple yet effective logo created for a new society coming to Mount Royal University this fall. 


Inspiration was drawn from the community that the society will form; creating the circle for unity. In which the circle encompasses what the group is passionate about; climbing. The colours, a dark teal and gold convey the tough journey and the rewards sought.

Further assets are to soon to be developed, such as social media branding and club cards.



mru motionballU


social media engagement

Instagram templates for Mount Royal University motionballU were created to engage and inform followers of information on the event, the team and what motionballU is. As well other print material was developed, such as after-party tickets.

Traditional Mount Royal colours were used to ensure consistency of being apart o the school and motionball University.  

Unfortunately, due to  Covid19 the event was cancelled this year but will return next fall. To check out more information about  MRU motionballU check out their Instagram page.


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