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Canadian Rangeland 

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Marketing Collateral

Canadian Rangeland Bison




This is an ongoing project for Canadian Rangeland Bison & Elk Inc., as directed and designed by Johanna Lunzmann presently.



Canadian Rangeland Bison and Elk Inc. (CRBE) is a bison and elk meat wholesaler, established in 1998. My main focus was to develop brand awareness, as tCRBE has been around for 20+ years and had inconsistent or no on brand marketing collateral. Creating the issue of leaving customers feeling less trusting.


After the company received a rebrand in the spring of 2020, I was able to build the brand from the new logo, brand identity, and guides. I began by establishing the types of audiences I would be designing for. Including producers (the farmers), customers, and consumers (the individuals consuming the product). After researching each audience type I could build marketing materials that catered to each.




The goal of this project is to foster brand consistency, to help develop brand awareness and drive sales. Keeping in mind that particular audiences used different channels to meet their needs. 

There are many facets to this project and the materials needed continue to grow and change to meet marketing needs. Using the established visual identity to create marketing collateral including but not limited to:
  • specification sheets, for customers to understand the products
  • business cards 
  • email signatures
  • print marketing content (postcards, posters, flyers), for customers to better educate their consumers
  • product catalogue, for customers to easily find the product they need
  • social media management, focusing on connecting the producers to the consumer
  • website blog management, to educate the consumer on the product
  • package design


Marketing Collateral

Branding mockup psd.jpg
a4 poster flyer mockup.jpg
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